Product Development

 New Product Development services, span the entire Product Development Life Cycle right from concept till realization of the product. 

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Engineering Services

We provide all levels of Engineering services in Mechanical, Hydraulics & Industrial Valves

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Staffing Solutions

We provide Mechanical & Embedded engineers for local & global needs. Our engineers carry domain expertise & hands on experience.  

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Product Development Solution

Product Development

New Product Development services, span the entire Product Development Life Cycle right from concept till realization of the product. We follow concurrent processes incorporating several innovative strategies enabling you to successfully position and launch a new product.

  1. New Product Design
    1. Researching of new concept
    2. Using available concepts
    3. Mix & match of different concepts
    4. Product series design 
  2. Product localization support 
  3. Virtual validation (CAE, CFD, FSA)
  4. Virtual v/s Physical Co-relation
  5. Prototyping & Testing
  6. Design Evaluation & validation 

Embedded Integration

Embedded Integration team offers complete Product Development from Requirements Development till SOP and Post SOP Support.

We focus on Hardware design, Software design, Verification and Validation and Lifecycle Management.  

  1. Smart, IOT enabled products
  2. Servo & Proportional products
  3. PLC and SCADA based systems
  4. Wireless & Remote control products
  5. Power electronics products
  6. Digital conversion of concepts
  7. Control Automations
  8. Health monitoring & GUI applications

Product Re-Engineering

We strike a balance between required functions, performance, quality, safety, and scope with the cost and resources necessary to accomplish those requirements resulting in maximum value. 

  1. Reverse Engineering to provide
    1. Design Verification
    2. Product Specification
    3. Material Analysis & alternatives
  2. Cost Reduction through
    1. Design & Process optimization
    2. Weight optimization
    3. Alternate Material 

Application Engineering

  1. Solution for application
  2. Order related Engineering activities
    1. Component & accessories
    2. Integrated System design
    3. Customer fitment drawing
    4. Customization of elements
    5. GA & accessories drawing
    6. BOM creation
  3. Trouble Shooting of
    1. Onsite problems
    2. Off site problems

Manufacturing Engineering

  1. Support to Tech - Transfer projects
  2. Prototyping & Testing
  3. Design & manufacture of Patterns, Moulds, Jigs & Fixtures
  4. Process design, Validation & Optimization
  5. Design & Manufacture SOA facility
  6. Manufacturing Automations
  7. Cost estimation & Should Costing

Research & Development

  1. Radical Innovation of concepts
  2. Incremental Innovation
  3. System integration 
  4. Products for Application
  5. Concept design & Development
  6. Virtual Validation
  7. Virtual v/s Physical comparison

Engineering Service

Engineering Services

  1. Industrial Design
  2. Mechanical Design
  3. FEA Analysis
  4. CFD Analysis
  5. FSI Analysis

Product Development Service

  1. New Product Design
  2. Concept Research
  3. Re-Engineering & Optimization
  4. Manufacturing Engineering
  5. Embedded Integration

Prototyping & Validation

  1. Physical prototyping
  2. Virtual Prototyping
  3. Rapid Prototyping (RPT)
  4. Testing & Validation
  5. Trouble shooting